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Saturday, May 8, 2010

English Sites

  1. Cute Girls Indonesia
  2. Enjoy the unique and exotic beauty of Indonesian girls. Here you can learn how to meet, pick up, attract, flirt with, seduce, date, make a girlfriend out of, and marry an Indonesian girl, the kind of woman you have always wanted – NO MATTER what you look like or how old you are.

  3. Women Love
  4. This blog presents a variety of guides, tips and tricks in building relationships, maintaining a marriage, attract the opposite sex, regain love lost, and all things related to your love. In short, this is all about Women (and men too) in seeking their true love and keeping marriage.

  5. Cheap Travel Australia
  6. This site is about cheap traveling in Australia to help families, students, backpackers and whoever want to save their small pocket. This site is created in cooperation with Real Adventures International and some other professional travel providers. Experience the adventure of the amazing outbreak Australia .

  7. BABY and KIDS
  8. This blog presents ways of caring for, educating and developing your child to be healthy and intelligent, even becoming stars. Various tips and advice from education and child care experts can be found here.We present also the ways to handle children with problems or requiring special attention, such as autistic.

  9. Strange News
  10. This blog presents a variety of strange news happening around the world, and performed by various ethnic groups. Unusual behavior, an astonishing habit, and events that make you shake your head can be obtained here. Bizarre behavior is not typical culture of an etnic group or a tribe, but the unfamiliarity action perpetrated by individuals who are considered strange even by his group.

  11. Self Detective
  12. This blog provides a facility for you to access millions of data and information about citizens. Through a system of information and this blog you can find the person you wish to search, bad people or old long lost friends. Only with a phone number you can track the hands of their owners. Prank callers or sex offender no longer make you worried.

  13. Go Green, Save Fuel
  14. Drive smart, and save green. If more people took up the challenge, the whole world would benefit immensely. This blog provide articles with great tips that you can put into action right away. You'll save money and help the environment too. With us go green is not merely to save the earth but also provide financial benefits for you.

  15. Cheap Travel Indonesia
  16. This site is about cheap traveling in Indonesia to help families, students and backpackers save their pocket. This site is created in cooperation with over 30 professional travel providers. You can CHECK here. You don't need to surf hundreds of websites! We'll find them for you!

  17. Build Affiliates
  18. This blog presents various knowledge and strategies to make money through the internet, along with the steps from beginning to end. Good for peula or who have experienced especially those who have felt the bitterness of the struggle to build a business in this virtual world.

  19. Making Money Videos
  20. This blog presents videos about making websites truly a field of your business, become a profitable company, and land for the hobby and your passion. The Best choice using guidance provided by SBI (Site Build It) has proven to produce many successful people through the guidance of SBI.

  21. Best Affiliates
  22. This blog presents the best choice for a variety of affiliate business through the internet. You do not need to care for and vote because this blog has been doing it for you. The experience of the principals is the most authentic source you can trust.

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